Cingo Life Insurance

At Cingo Life Insurance, we want you to understand the TRUE role of insurance. We take a holistic approach to life insurance, as an integral part of your overall financial plan. We know that insurance products can get complicated, but our belief is simple. Life insurance should work with your financial plan AND you should understand how it works.

Commercial Insurance HQ

At Commercial Insurance HQ, we ask "Is your business protected?" In this litigious economy, it should be. Owning and operating a business is a rewarding, yet challenging endeavor. There are many things to consider when running your business, but the best decision you can make, is to be properly insured.

Auto Coverage HQ

You’re probably thinking “Saving money? Isn’t that what all the insurance companies say?” Well, many of them do make claims to lower your insurance costs. And to be perfectly honest, on any given day, any given carrier, can beat any other carrier’s price. Insurance carriers are constantly adjusting their prices, for their chosen markets.