Helix Ultimate Framework

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What We Do

Your Insurance Lady loves insurance and the financial security it provides families. We are an insurance and training & development group, with a diverse portfolio of national companies. We partner with companies who share our goal of providing quality insurance products and services, while having positive impact on their communities. Through our companies, we keep our fingers on the pulse of the insurance industry. We will continue to increase our product offerings- via online and traditional storefront.


We are a collection of boutique-style, independent agencies. Our primary clients, are home-based business owners. Home-based businesses typically have unique insursance needs. Our individual agencies designed to address those specific needs.

Cingo Life Insurance

Helix Ultimate comes with visual drag & drop layout builder for faster website development.

Simple Money Cents

All system and Google fonts have been added to Helix Ultimate Framework.

Commercial Insurance HQ

Create an amazing mega menu quite easily using the new mega menu system.

Insurance TrainingHub

Ability to add featured image, gallery, video and audio to your Joomla article.

Auto Coverage HQ

Struggling is over with the backend because you can do everything from the frontend.

Defensive Driving Hub

Change Logo, height of the header and colors of all elements visually.

Easy to use and customize

Helix Ultimate framework has been designed for all kinds of users from novice to expert. If you are a template developer who knows how Joomla template works then you can start your development with Helix Ultimate framework right now.

And, you can deliver a finished project to your client or customer and later you can make required changes to their website easily.
I was eagerly waiting for the final release of Helix Ultimate since the day I heard it is packed up with so many features that I need. I started using Helix Ultimate on the very first day of its release. It is wonderful and exactly the way I expected. I love the new admin interface. Using Bootstrap 4 is the most striking thing Helix Ultimate has for me. Thanks JoomShaper.